HCD Conveyor Components for Truck Build

Our Dunedin Branch were asked to supply the hydraulics and conveyor components on a new build small bulk Coal/wood chip delivery truck. The truck consists of a main hopper which has a conveyor belt fitted into the bottom and feeds the product onto a conveyor mounted on the rear of the truck allowing product to be discharged into boiler storage bins and hoppers.

The products we supplied were the rollers inside the truck bin, the internal lightweight flat belt fitted in the truck bin, the out feed conveyor belt which is a chevron pattern, the two hydraulic motors to drive the conveyors and associated valves & fittings.

You will see that the conveyor folds over the top of the truck; this is due to the requirement that no more than 70 percent of the trucks wheel base is allowed as rear over hang also where the product is discharged from the rear of the truck it flows through a gear looking arrangement which is made out of a digger slew or pivot bearing that allows a digger normally to rotate.

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