Planner Conveyor Replacement

A typical life in the day of an HCD Conveyor Service Technician is never a normal one compared to the rest of us. Our customers generally operate 24/7 and barring accidents, we will have a very small window by way of a schedule maintenance shut. We have to get in, repair or install and get out fast so that the plant can get up and running with minimal downtime.

Our team have to be precise with their measurements and procedures. Unplanned downtime through breakdowns can be costly. This plant like many others in the region could run into the thousands in losses every hour. A typical callout for the team will be in the middle of the night and or through the weekend and these guys will log up 40-60+ hours in a week so concentration levels are tested.

This was another successful Conveyor Replacement completed by a professional team. End result was a happy customer.

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