General Handling Modular

General Handling Modular

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The General Handling Modular M2540 Radius GripTop 1″  combines a sideflexing modular belt with a high-friction rubber overlay.

This belt is ideal for general material handling applications where steep inclines and declines – in combination with turns – are required or where the centrifugal forces of fast running belts tend to displace or disorient conveyed products.

It is particularly well suited for the transport of boxes, crates, newspaper or wrapped and unwrapped food products.

The M2540 Radius GripTop 1″ offers the largest high friction rubber contact surface and is the strongest 1″ pitch plastic radius belt available in the industry.
The M2540 Radius GripTop 1″ is the strongest 1″ pitch plastic radius belt available and offers longer conveyor lengths, eliminating the need for additional conveyors and drive motors. As a result, the displacement or disorientation of product as it is transferred from one conveyor to the next is prevented.
  • For radius and straight conveying, with inclines (collapse factor 2.2)
  • 20 % open area, largest opening 5×7.5 mm (0.2″x 0.3″)
  • Indent 21mm (0.83”)
  • Abrasion resistant GripTop, high friction
  • Food approved materials (see Eng. Guidelines)
  • Rod diameter 5 mm (0.2″)
  • “Open window” sprockets


  • Clip-on sideguards 25 mm
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