Atlas Timber Slide

ATLAS TIMBER SLIDE completes the range of hi tech nitrile conveyor belts in the HCD timber belt range. It was specifically designed by HCD to be used in heavy impact slider bed applications. It is a 4 ply belt with a heavy rubber nitrile top cover complete with a slider bottom. This belt will typically be found in some of the most critical Timber Plants where heavy logs or timber slab is being processed.

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Atlas Timber Slide Belt


  • Hi Nitrile content rubber covers – GRADE HCD PROPRIETRY
  • Designed for normal and heavy impact applications
  • Used as primary belt
  • Slider bottom
  • 4 ply
  • Specifically manufactured to HCD specification
  • Excellent wood sap and chemical resistant properties
  • Cut edges
  • Manufactured to standard EN ISO 14890
  • Sizes mm widths – 600, 1000, 1200 and 1800


  • Hi Nitrile rubber means this belt is specifically designed to combat swelling and deterioration from chemical attack
  • Covers are heavier than standard 4mm top covers but more rubber has been manufactured into the interplys giving better impact resistance
  • This specification is an HCD design and is specific to NZ conditions
  • Manufacturing to this standard EN ISO 14890 is critical to ensure quality standards are met