HCD Tru Trac Trough Tracker

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Features and Benefits of the Trough Tracker roller

  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Vibration free rolling action
  • Simple design
  • Finger tip movement under load
  • No 90 contact with belt edge
  • Operates in all conditions
  • Manufactured according to SABS standards

Non standard trackers can be made to customer specifications

The Trough Tracker roller was specifically developed to accommodate the load-carrying side of the conveyor belt. Obviously, due to the throughed nature of this side of the conveyor belt, a different tracking configuration was required. Wing rollers were incorporated into the design to activate our standard central piv
ot system. The activating wing rolls are set to have a maximum effective contact between the belt edge and the wing roller of 25°-55° (instead of the usual 90°), and are compatible with all throughed belts from 15°-45°. These wing rolls are set to miss the edge of the existing throughed conveyor by between 5mm-10mm on either side. As the conveyor belt moves off-centre the conveyor belt slides up the wing roll and thus causes the Tru-Trac to pivot on its internal pivot and steer the conveyor belt back to centre with minimum force. The unique aspect of the Tru-Trac Trough Tracker roller is that the centre roll does all the steering and not the wing rolls, as this is where the most effective steering forces are exerted.

The Tru-Trac series of conveyor belt tracking idlers are a patented design that offers the most reliable and re-active tracking idlers available today. Its stainless steel internal pivot that is perpendicular to the plane of the belt and its rubber covered shell and tapered ends helps actuate the trainer immediately as the conveyor belt moves off center. It is always reacting to keep the conveyor belt centered. It does not wait, like conventional trainers, for the conveyor belt to walk over to 90-degree sensor rollers and then have the belt react. The Tru-Trainer reacts as the belt tracker moves off center it will contact the tapered section of the roller on that side of the conveyor belt. The effect of this will be to force the roller to rotate on its central pivot causing the belt to come back to its original position (centered).

  • Continuous Alignment – by always tracking the conveyor belt to the center of the conveyor, it reduces edge damage, spillage and overall better conveyor belt tracking performance.
  • Heavy-Duty – design of our trainer uses 3 7/16” bearings, 1 ¾” shaft, and an abrasive resistant hot-vulcanized rubber cover. Urethane and ceramic covers are also available.
  • Patented Design – does not rely on the conveyor belt to activate an arm-type tracking mechanism. By utilizing an internal pivot versus external pivot it does NOT build up with carry back.
  • Reactionary – in both wet and dry conditions as seen in below ground and above ground mining all over the world.
  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee (TSG) – to solve your conveyor belt tracking problems and make your overall conveyor system run more efficiently.
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