RCK Rock Super Impact

Our HCD RCK ROCK Super Impact belts are designed for HIGH IMPACT applications. Primary and secondary conveyors are notorious for sharp and unforgiving rocks coming straight from the crusher jaws and doing their best to penetrate the top covers of any belt. The RCK M Grade rubber compound is ready for this attack whilst also giving great abrasion resistance. Primary applications are the target especially where there is hard sharp rock.



  • Super impact resistant M Grade rubber covers
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Ep 160, 200 fabric
  • 3 ply and 4 ply
  • Specifically manufactured to HCD specification
  • Natural rubber heat resistance
  • Cut edges
  • Manufactured to standard EN ISO 14890
  • Sizes mm widths – 450, 600, 750, 900, 1050, 1200
  • Sizes above 1200 available as required


  • Where impact is an issue, this Rubber compound has excellent Super Impact resistance qualities and means this belt is designed for the harshest impact conditions in New Zealand
  • Very good abrasion resistant qualities to this rubber cover
  • This specification is an HCD design and is specific to NZ conditions
  • Manufacturing to this standard EN ISO 14890 is critical to ensure quality standards are met
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