Rubber Cleat Face

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Rubber Cleat Face Conveyor is an Abrasion resistant belt complete with cleats moulded in the top cover for elevating bulk products in quarry, fertiliser and mining applications.

Features of the Rubber Cleat Face

  • Available in 2 and 3 ply EP160 high strength plies
  • Cleats are moulded into the top cover as an integral part of the belt
  • Abrasion resistant rubber cover

Benefits of the Rubber Cleat Face

  • Good abrasion resistance for longer belt life
  • The 2 ply version is ideal for mobile crushing plants when used in conjunction with small pulleys
  • The cleats are an integral part of the cover, they cannot be separated and are very durable
  • The moulded cleats permit products to be carried up a greater incline (up to 5° more than standard smooth rubber covered belts) thus increasing the storage potential of a conveyor
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