SR Rivet Hinged Fastener System

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The Flexco® SR™ Scalloped Edge™ fastener: This SR Rivet Hinged Fastener System features a low profile that significantly reduces the fastener’s exposure to cleaner blades, skirt rubber, and return idlers.
Reduced wear and tear on the fastener extends the life of the splice to maximize belt availability and to help keep productivity on a roll


Improved performance of the SR Rivet Hinged Fastener System

Designed for rubber plied and PVC solid woven belting, and for worn belts unfit for vulcanized splices, the Flexco SR fastener features a patented Scalloped Edge design.
The scalloped design contributes to improved fastener profile resulting in increased compatibility with belt cleaners and improved cleaner-tip wear. The staggered rivet pattern also provides maximum holding ability by allowing the rivets to pass betweeen the carcass fibers without damaging them. A built-in viewport simplifies fastener positioning. And self-setting rivets are installed from the top side of the belt for faster installation.


Market applications

• Coal
• Wood Processing
• Asphalt Plants
• Construction and Road Equipment

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